Female forehead reduction. Why are grafts viewed as unnatural looking?

I am 27/f, w/thin, curly hair, and would Ideally like about 1.5-2 cm in reduction of my forehead. From photos I've seen, a transplant or a combination of that and hairline advancement surgery looks best. I strongly dislike the Frankenstein-esque appearance of surgery without grafts to round out corners. however, grafts appear coarse and thick. It seems common on Realself that drs caution against the "unnatural appearance" of grafts.Can someone explain why grafts are viewed as unnatural looking?

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I think that if properly performed both the hairline advancement and hair transplants can look natural. The irregular hairline incision helps hairs grow through the incision after several months and camouflages the incision really well.

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Do Transplants Causean Unnatural Look When Done to Reduce the Forehead

Transplants can provide a natural result when done to reduce the forehead but I prefer the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision Technique that we described many years go because normal uniform density can be achieved. In some patient. As you suggest sometimes transplants can also be done with this procedure to softly round the hairline when necessary. I need to see you or pictures of you existing hairline to discuss your options to achieve the best results.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Unnatural look from hair line transplants

I would have to see what you are talking about to render an opinion. On rare occasioins, hair changes character when it is transplanted

William Rassman, MD
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