What are my options for fixing my shifted teeth?

i lost my retainer so i had to get molds for new ones, however, my teeth had already shifted so the retainers arent helping that much. im wondering if a permanent retainer would help ring my teeth back to normal

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Hello, thanks for sending your question. Unfortunately the retainer wont have the ability to move your teeth and will only hold the teeth in the position in which it was made. However if there is noticeable movement on your teeth then you would require minor movements using clear aligners. 
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Fixed Retainers

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Hello hunters13! A fixed retainer will only serve to maintain the current positions of your teeth. New removable retainers are limited in their ability to re-align the teeth as well. Returning the teeth to their full alignment may require limited treatment involving braces or clear aligners.

Byron Bonebreak, DDS
Columbia Orthodontist

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