Buccal fat removal, face lift, or jowls removal? (Photos)

Hi Doctors Im 33 years old, i have always had a chubby cheek, and it has bothering me and makes me look horrible in my pictures. I have seen a couple surgeons regarding it. One suggested filler or fat grafting on the cheek and chin and other one suggested mini face lift to get rid of jowls. Please suggest any procedures(anywhere on the face)that would improve my look and smile:) thank you

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Buccal fat removal, face lift, or jowls removal? ... facelift at young age???? = Nooo! #buccalfatremoval #buccalfat #jowls

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Young patient that have mild jowls usually have heavy lower cheeks and lack of  good projection of the (upper) cheek bones. 

Young patient should NOT get a "mini" facelift before 50s ( at least 45s), specially if dark skin color since the scars will be very noticeable in from of the ears ( which would cause a facelift stigmata). Facelift scars are like diamonds, they last forever!

Patients with heavy lower cheeks and sagginess of the lower face that translate in mid jowls could benefit from both cheek augmentation with fillers ( like Voluma) and buccal fat removal if candidates. I wrote a blog about this. See link bellow. 

Patients interested in sliming down the cheeks   should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

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Buccal fat removal?

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Hi...I think you'd do well with buccal fat removal, possibly limited liposuction under the chin.  I would not recommend a facelift - you don't need it!  It's important to see a board certified plastic surgeon to ensure you get the best results.  

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