Will my subglandular implants fall into a more natural slope over time? (Photo)

I got subglandular implants 10 weeks ago and am not too happy with them. I feel that they are very top heavy with not enough "breast" at the bottom. Will this change over time or should I request a revision? I was previously a saggy 32 DD (Victoria's Secret) due to a 40 pound weight loss. My implants are moderate plus silicone. My goal was to achieve fullness but with a natural slope

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Not happy with breast shape

At this time, it is best to wait a while longer to see how the implant shape will change over time.  If the implants do not settle, it may be fairly easy to adjust them.  You should do well.  

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Will Implants Fall into Place Over Time


1.    pain is variable

2.    it takes 2-3 months for implants to settle and muscles to relax

3.    celebrex, motrin, and muscle relaxers can help

4.    massage and stretching may help

5.    everyone heals differently

6.    4-7 days off from work is common

Given the fact that it is only two months into your healing process there is more time to be allowed for complete settling of your implants. However, if you are concerned or worried at all you should visit your surgeon to have the area examined to make sure that healing is progressing well. Good luck.

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Will my subglandular implants fall into a more natural slope over time?

Your implants will continue to shape your breasts for several months.  Be patient.  If the results aren't to your satisfaction, let your PS know your concerns. 

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Will my subglandular implants fall into a more natural slope over time?

Thank you for your question.  It can take 3-4 months for breast implants to drop after breast augmentation.  However based on your photograph my suspicion is that she needed a breast lift in addition to implants.  To learn more please read the following link:

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It appears you may have a snoopie deformity, however, this can not be determined for sure without an exam.  This can happen when only a breast augmentation was performed when a lift and augmentation was needed.  Not to worry, a simple lollipop lift could improve this appearance while keeping the implants in place. I see this problem all the time in my practice.

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Breast Augmentation Results


Your implants look like they have capsular contracture, at least based on this single photograph. This is a common problem associated with subglandular implants. In addition, you appear to have sagging, and a nipple position that is suboptimal both in placement and angle on the mound.  All this adds up to the high probability that you initially needed a breast lift.  My recommendations are to visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons that specialize in all types of cosmetic breast surgery, not just implants. You will need a removal and replacement of  your implants below the muscle and a formal breast lift.  This will give you a beautiful result.  Best of luck!

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Unhappy 10 weeks from surgery

Breast Implants do naturally drop over time. I would be interested in seeing your before photos. You may have needed a lift with your augmentation and I'm assuming you discussed this with your doctor.  I would give it up to 6 months before you pass judgment on the results. At that time I would seek a follow up visit to your physician if you are still not happy. You may need a lift in the future. Best of Luck 

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Will my subglandular implants fall into a more natural slope over time?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. Your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to accurate assessment and/or advice. 

I do wonder, based on your statement of previous breast size (and sagging) and history of weight loss, whether or not breast lifting was initially indicated.

Generally speaking, breast implants will "drop" into the pocket that was created during surgery. The rate of breast implant "settling" may depend on factors such as size of breast implant pocket dissected, tightness of the overlying skin/muscle layers, and size of breast implant utilized. Normally, it takes about 3-6 months (for some patients longer) to see the final result. It is very common for one side to settle faster than the other.

I routinely ask my patients to wait at least 3-6 months before evaluating the end results of the breast augmentation surgery. This waiting time allows patients to (usually) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image. 

In other words, it is much too early to evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed; your breasts will undoubtedly change over the course of the next several weeks/months.   The vast majority of patients with your concerns at your stage in the recovery process, turn out to be much happier two to three months after the procedure was performed. 

Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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