Perineorraphy 1 week ago, labia swelled-stitch may have pulled apart at opening. Doc vacation. How late can it be fixed? (Photo)

Perineorraphy 1 week ago. Left labia swelled alot. Called doc-on vacation. Antibiotic/ice helped. But, its like a stitch came out of swollen labia side at new opening- maybe pulled loose from where doc meant. He's on vacation til 2 weeks 1 day after my surgery. Doc on call said if a stitch/labia came loose it can be re-approximated if early enough, but wasn't clear. From the pictures/explanation, if something's wrong by swollen labia/stitching what can be done & can it be done 2 weeks post op?

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Stitch fallen 1 week after surgery

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Thank you for your time. Normally an incision is not restitched so soon after surgery. However, the wound itself will heal from the inside out. Swelling is expected after surgery. 

The best option is to see the doctor on call in person for further instructions. 

Loose stitch fix?

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Hello. Thank you for submitting a photo with you question however, an in person exam is crucial to an answer and solution. In general you cannot (should not) fix anything one week after surgery. Also in general the wound will close (from the deep part up) on its own and still look good if it's only one stitch that came out. Keep it clean and try to go for an exam. Best wishes
~Dr Poucher

1 week post-op perineoplasty, stitch came loose. What to do??

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The "what to do" is to see your doc or whomever is on call for her or him. No way we can guide you with only description & a photo which shows nothing. Surgical fees include all post-op care: please see the "on-call" doc for advice. **When you make arrangements with a doc, it's best to review your post-op care as well. RealSelf CANNOT substiture for a personal evaluation.


Michael P Goodman, MD

Can a torn stitch be replaced after perineorrhaphy?

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Strong tissue holds stitches. Weak tissue doesn't. It's that simple. Recently operated skin is weak and will usually fail to hold stitches, but there are exceptions. Without examination in person, neither your surgeon nor anyone else can reliably tell you if anything can be done at this time.

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