How do I pay for treatment?

I am interested in otoplasty and rhinoplasty, but I am very turned off by Care Credit and the like. Do any offices offer safer payment plans through the office? I want the procedures badly but cannot afford them on a student budget.

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Many options, including “layaway” plans.

Dear jack94 in Santa Barbara, California: Many patients avail themselves of a “layaway” plan, which was originally initiated by department stores.  It was called the “Christmas Layaway Plan.”  What the store would do is have you make payments every month beginning in January so that by November or December, the peak Christmas shopping time, you would have a reserve of money available to spend at the store.  It did make sense.  I cannot imagine an office not offering that service because it makes sense for you and it makes sense for the office.  There is little risk to either of you.  I would look into that.  Some people use credit cards for part of the payment, and that is fine if you are comfortable with that.  However, if you are not, I would suggest creating this “self savings plan” whereby each month you put a certain amount of money aside and either save it in a savings account or give it to the practice to save for you.  After you have your financial plan in order, then of course, you want to engage the consultation process so you can learn a lot and hopefully be satisfied with the otoplasty and rhinoplasty.  Both of these are very sophisticated procedures.  As you know, otoplasty is important to bring the ears a little closer to the head and the key objective is to make them look natural and symmetrical.  You want to check out the surgeon’s photo file very carefully.  Likewise, for rhinoplasty, you want a natural result.  You do not want a nose that looks too “cute”, too turned up, too feminine.  There are a lot of reasons why men’s noses should be different from women’s noses after rhinoplasty.  I have had a rhinoplasty myself and I am very pleased with it because there is no evidence at all of my having had the rhinoplasty.  It looks natural.  That is what I wanted and that is what every patient wants.  Let the practice help you decide what is the most practical and reasonable way to save up for the procedures.  You want to do your homework before consultation.  Prepare well for your consultation.  When you search, look for rhinoplasty super-specialists.  These are surgeons whose practice is the majority or entirely devoted to rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and related procedures.  This would include both primary and revision rhinoplasty surgery.  Why not have the most specialized talent in your service?  Part of your preparation for consultation should be preparing a list of questions beforehand.  Bring a notepad or ipad or laptop with you and take notes as the surgeon answers the question you are asking.  You should spend more time with the surgeon than with the office administrative staff, because you need to get a sense of whether you are comfortable with the doctor.  You should not feel rushed that you are on a consultation conveyer belt.  If the presentation by the office staff seems a bit to “salesie” that is a bit of a yellow or red light.  Take a friend or relative along since 2 heads are better than 1 in gaining information and understanding.  In the end, the purpose of the consultation is for you to be educated and be comfortable.  Ask yourself 2 key questions: “Is this surgeon teaching or selling?”  and secondly, “Can I put my life and my face into this particular surgeon’s hands?  Can I trust him?” There are excellent books out there that you can read and use to study up. It is worth the homework time you put in up front so that you make the right decision with respect to choosing a surgeon who has the talent, experience, and degree of super-specialization that you certainly want to have.  When you visit doctor’s websites, the most important feature on the site is the before and after gallery.  If there are just a few examples of rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty, you wonder how much experience the surgeon has performing such surgeries.  There need to be dozens and dozens of examples.  The more examples there are, the more likely you will see one or more that demonstrate situations similar to yours.  Look closely at the photos for natural results.  That is what you want.  Nobody wants to carry a sign saying “I have had a rhinoplasty.” A consultation without computer imaging is, in my opinion, of much less value.  Why shouldn’t you see the predicted result of the procedure the doctor is proposing?  At consultation, photos are taken of you and loaded into a computer system that morphs your present appearance into the anticipated “after” based on the nasal surgeons input.  Imaging is an incomparable learning tool because it provides a forum for doctor and patient agreement on what would satisfy the patient and what is, in the doctor’s opinion, achievable.  After all, cosmetic surgery is 100% visual.  It is about appearance, so without a visual evidence of what is planned, how can you make a decision as to whether or not you might be satisfied.  Talking about it is worthless.  To anticipate a successful outcome, there must be a meeting of the minds between surgeon and patient.
Best wishes, Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Over 4,500 nasal procedures performed

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Payment plan for otoplasty and a rhinoplasty

Many plastic surgery offices offer payment plans for elective cosmetic surgery such as a rhinoplasty and an otoplasty.   After all of the payments, the surgery can be completed, and most offices would not charge any interest.

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