Does nose move side to side after rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and When I move my head to one shoulder or the other I can feel my nose move. It feels as if the bone inside is moving. It doesn't feel like it's my tip. I feel it in the middle part of my nose. Is this normal? I know I'm swollen and all but this is an odd feeling.

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Does nose move side to side after rhinoplasty?

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Hmmm that's a very perplexing question. I really can't imagine how moving your head back and forth could affect your nose. The one bit of reassurance I can offer your however is that the nerves get sleepy and get strange signals after the small nerve endings are disturbed in rhinoplasty. This can lead to numbness, strange sensations, tingling, throbbing, and many other sensations that don't indicate anything is wrong but rather just that the nerves are going through their slow recovery. I hope that helps!

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