What kind of stitches are these and how should this heal? Peri 10 days post op. (photos)

Perineoplasty 10 days post op. No LP cause hubby and I like labia. 1. What is this roll of stitches from vag to anus-will this roll flatten out and go away? 2. One stitch seems tighter, cutting roll in half midway-what will happen with that? 3. Lower L labia pulled away from stitches-how would you fix that later? 4. It looks/feels like theres alot of extra loose skin now around anus-should that tighten up and go away or? 5. Is there other future work you see that may be needed cosmetically?

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Lumpy suture line after perineoplasty?

Swelling along the perineal suture line is temporary and subsides when the sutures dissolve in a few weeks. Keep the area clean and don't worry about it. The final result should be apparent in 6-8 weeks.

10 days after perineoplasty with a ridge of extra skin and some distortion-- what gives..??

I don't mean to be rude, but only to comment that all of your questions should be asked to & answered by the DOC WHO DID YOUR SURGERY (you know, the one you PAID!) Surgical fees, to my mind, include full pre- and post-op preparation, care, and ongoing "question-answering," not just the surgical procedure itself... That said, I truly cannot begin to accurately answer your very appropriate questions without an in-person evaluation. It takes a full month before you'll be able to get an idea of your post-op appearance. At that time, if you are dissatisfied with results, you can discuss with your surgeon, or see another specialized gyn plastic/cosmetic surgeon who can revise to your exact specifications. The attached weblink can give you an idea of what perineo/vaginoplasties look like @ 6 weeks post-op...

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Michael P Goodman, MD
Davis, CA USA

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