Will this procedure make a difference on my body? (Photo)

After performing the panniculotemy will this remove all the hanging skin or would i need another procedure

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Will this procedure make a difference on my body?

Depending on what your ultimate goal is you might need more then one surgery. I think the panniculectomy will make a difference but remember that a tummy tuck; involves tightening of he abdominal wall as well as removing the excess skin.  The panniculectomy will only take care of the excess skin from the lower abdomen.   Remember to choose a board certified surgeon when you are ready for surgery.

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Thanks so much for your questions and photos.  A panniculectomy involves removing the pannus from the lower abdomen or the overhang of skin and soft tissue.  Unlike a tummy tuck, there is no transposition of the belly button or tightening of the muscle underneath.  Depending on what your goals are, more than one surgery may be necessary, though your insurance may only cover one surgery.  Hope this helps...best of luck!


 A panniculectomy involves surgically excising the apron of skin that overhangs the genitals and/or thighs.  It is important that you be evaluated by a plastic surgeon and discuss the planned operation.  A panniculectomy differs from an abdominoplasty which involves undermining of the abdominal wall tissue and plication (tightening) of the abdominal wall muscles.  You may require multiple procedures to achieve the goals you want, but it all starts with a candid discussion with your plastic surgeon.  Thank you for your question. 

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A pannus is excess skin and adipose tissue, sometimes referred to as an apron that hangs down over ones genitals and/or thighs. First I  would suggest to have a consultation with Plastic surgeon to discuss your specific case. During the consultation you would be able to discuss your specific questions . A Panniculectomy that is covered by some insurances are very specific regarding the skin that is to be removed. There are different methods to get the results that you may want, this may indicate multiple procedures as well as some cosmetic type of procedures that are not covered by insurance. Thank you for your question.

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