Hi , I just had a second Otoplasty for my hypertrophic scar, will it return?

I had otoplasty a year ago and i ended up with a hypertrophic scar and i had to undergo another surgery to remove this excessive tissueand i am scared this scar will come back, also i am not prone to keloids. I have had other surgeries and this is the first one with this scar. Will it come back?

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Hypertrophic scars after ear surgery

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is something that is unpredictable but in my experience, they usually are better after the revision is done.  You also have a heightened awareness and should be doing some kind of scar product on it in addition to your surgeon being ready to provide steroid injections at the first signs of poor scarring.  Best wishes.

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Will hypertrophic scar return after second otoplasty?

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It is possible that a hypertrophic scar could return after a second otoplasty.  Whether it returns or not can be dependent on several factors, including the tension on the wound and the method used to close the incision.  Sometimes, it is possible to inject a steroid (like Kenalog) into the area at the time of surgery and/or afterwards to try and keep the scar from becoming hypertrophic.  

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I had an otoplasty for a hypertrophic scar. Will it come back?

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Dear Jesusc1:

  • It is always possible that the hypertrophic scar can come back, but that means you should follow your surgeon closely so you can get injections as needed.
  • Sometimes we inject Kenalog along the scar to prevent another hypertrophic scar from coming back.
  • You can also get some silicone gel and place it on the incision at night, but it does take about six months for this to have an effect.
  • If you have any concerns, please contact your surgeon who can reassure you.

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani, M.D.

Nima Shemirani, MD
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