Do I have capsular contraction? If so, how do I fix it?

I got a breast augmentation almost 4 years ago and ever since my chest muscles twitch all the time. During gym exercises, when I'm cold, anytime I try to use force. Usually don't experience pain only when I try to do weight lifting with my chest. When they contract my breast look so bad and I could hold the contraction. Is there way to to fix this? Is it capsular contraction?

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What can I do about my chest being distorted when my muscles contract after breast augmentation?

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You probably have breast implants underneath the pectoral muscles which is causing the distortion when you flex. This can be corrected by replacing them on top of the muscle.

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Capsular Contracture

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Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a definite answer as a physical examination is necessary. Please consult with your surgeon or seek many medical advices from other board-certified surgeons. I wish you the best of luck!

Peter Newen, MD
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Cap con vs animation deformity

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Capsular contracture is when the capsule around the implant becomes hard(and sometimes painful), it does not sound like this is what you have happening(although without pictures or a physical exam it is impossible to tell). It sounds like you enjoy the gym and you have an animation deformity secondary to your implants being under the muscle. There are procedures you can do to fix this, consult with a properly trained plastic surgeon and they will be able to give you options.

What is Capsular Contracture

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The hallmark of contracture is one breast becoming firm and moving up towards your collarbone causing the nipple to rotate downward and can even be painful. Capsular Contracture is not well understood, and a single cause has not been identified. Leading theories include: subclinical venous bleed, low level bacterial contamination and/or biofilm, lint contamination from sterile drapes and genetic predisposition. Since the cause is unknown, treatment typically involves addressing all possible causes. There are four grades of contracture. Grade I is normal, looks good and feels soft and does not require treatment. Grade II feels firm but otherwise looks good. Grade III feels firm and looks distorted at rest. Grade IV feels firm, looks distorted at rest and is painful. Aggressive massage +/- Leukotriene Inhibitors can improve/soften Grade II contracture but in my experience rarely improve the superior malposition present in Grade III and Grade IV contracture. These respond best to surgical revision/capsulectomy and implant exchange.

Capsular Contracture Questions

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Hello,It is impossible to answer your questions without a physical examination or at least photos. If your surgeon isn't a ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon, then you should see a few in consultation.Best of luck!

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Answering Your Question Regarding Capsular Contracture

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Capsular contracture forms when scar tissue develops around your breast implants.  The scar tissue limits implant movement and creates a rounded, unnatural appearance in many cases.  It can cause discomfort.  This is different from the abnormal shape created when your contract your pectoral muscles.  It sounds like you have what is known as an "animation deformity".  This is created when your pectoral muscles displace your implants to the side of your chest with nomal body movements or use of your arms or chest.It makes sense to revisit your doctor or obtain another consultation to see what your options are.  Best wishes!  Dr. Bresnick

Stephen Bresnick, MD
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