What options are available for evening out breast size?

I am 20 years old and my left breast is about a DD while my right breast is a D, with both still growing it seems. I am 5' 7'', 165lbs or so, and the drastic difference in cup sizes is very noticeable. Is there some procedure which would allow for tissue to be taken from the larger breast to give to the smaller and even them out? If not, what procedure could be done to make the smaller breast closer to the size of the larger without looking "fake" or unnaturally perky/hard?

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Options for improving breast symmetry are certainly available

but your breasts should not be growing still before doing something.  Once your breasts are done growing, see a local boarded plastic surgeon to find out what will work best for you once your goals and anatomy are evaluated.

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Thank you for your question. You describe having enough of your own natural tissue that probably you could have  breast implants without necessarily looking "fake"  however a breast reduction on one side may also be worth considering. It is best that you meet with a Plastic Surgeon in person for exam and a detailed discussion of your goals. When your breasts have stopped growing and stabilize, you could consider a few different plans.
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Surgery for asymmetric breasts

First, if you think your breasts are still growing, you should wait to have any surgery until they have stopped growing. A lot of women experience asymmetry in the size of their breasts. It sounds like your asymmetry is visible and obviously bothers you. Since you would like both of your breasts to be the same size as your smaller breast, most likely the best procedure for you would be an asymmetrical breast reduction. If it is needed, we can also perform a lift on the larger breast so that it look symmetrical with your other breast. The best way to find out for sure what is best for you is to consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon. He/she will examine you and explain the different options available for you so together you can decided what is best to help you achieve your goals. Good luck!

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You have several options available to you.  However if you are still noticing changes in your breasts, you may want to wait until the growth stabilizes.  You can consider fat grafting to the smaller breast to get them more even.  You can also consider reducing the larger breast to better match the size of the smaller breast.  If you prefer the larger breast size, you can add an implant to bring them into better symmetry.  I recommend meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can discuss options with you and help you match which option would best meet your surgical goals.

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Asymmetric breasts

In my humble opinion, there are several options:1) if both nipples are significantly above breast fold - bilateral breast augmentation with implants using different volumes to help correct volume asymmetry 2) the larger breast sags - then add a breast lift (either donut or full breast lift depending on the level of nipple position that is below bottom breast fold)3) if the larger breast is significantly large and heavy a breast reduction on the larger side should be done initially with a delayed procedure using implant augmentation on both breasts. I have had very high patient satisfaction using the above methods and with using silicone implants; the natural look is improved compared to saline. Fat grafting is an option but you are limited in the level of augmentation and costs must be taken into consideration. Thanks for a terrific question and good luck in your journey! 

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20 year old with breast asymmetry

Since your breasts are still developing I would consider fat grafting of your smaller side to provide some increase (though probably not to a DD cup with one procedure).  If you can be patient until development has stopped then other options would include a reduction of the larger side (with uplift) or less recommended an augmentation with implant of the smaller side.  Fat grafting is an appealing option but likely to need to be performed on at least two occasions to improve symmetry to a satisfying degree.Find a Bd Certified ABPS  plastic surgeon in whom you have confidence to at least have a discussion and explore the options available to you.  Good luck and regards,Jon A. Perlman, M.D. FACS Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery Member, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Beverly Hils, Ca.

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What options are available for evening out breast size?

There are a number of options for correcting breast asymmetry and Drs. Miranda and Pousti have given you good advice.  If your breasts are still growing, you may want to wait until their size has stabilized before considering surgery.  Once this has occurred, you could consider a breast lift/reduction of the larger breast and I agree with Dr. Pousti that if you can avoid breast implants this will avoid potential longer term problems (such as capsular contracture).  It may also be an option to consider a free fat transfer to the smaller breast, if the size difference between your breasts is not too great.   Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who has extensive breast surgery experience.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

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What options are available for evening out breast size?

Thank you for the question.There are several options to restore symmetry to your breasts. If your breasts are still growing, may be best to wait until they have stopped. This will make your postoperative breast size/results more reliable and longer-lasting.The most straightforward method of obtaining symmetry, would be to perform a reduction/lift on the larger side. The benefit is that you could avoid breast implants, as these come with extra cost, maintenance, and possible risks/complications.There is also the option to use breast implants, to make your breasts larger. Implants of different sizes would be used to restore symmetry.You should go on several consultations with board-certified plastic surgeons. It's important to hear several different opinions regarding how to obtain your goals.

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What options are available for evening out breast size?

Thank you for the question. There will likely be many ways to improve your symmetry. Obviously, a breast lift/reduction of the larger breast may be very helpful. If you wish to increase breast size altogether, then bilateral breast augmentation surgery will also be indicated.  I tell my patients in consultation, that if they will be happy with breast size overall, they are better off avoiding breast implants altogether. 
My best suggestion: take your time and do your due diligence and select your plastic surgeon carefully. Make sure that he/she has significant/demonstrable experience helping patients achieve the types of outcomes you will be pleased with. Then, communicate your goals carefully as well.
Working together, you will come up with the best plan to achieve an outcome that you will be pleased with. You may find the attached link, dedicated specifically to breast asymmetry concerns, helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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