Can I do my Tummy tuck still? (photos)

I went under the knife doing the procedure I wake up with them stitching me on my tummy and my neck they cut me from one side to the next they say when they put me under I wouldn't stop coughing and my lungs were closing up I don't understand I don't drink I don't smoke I sum up a lot of stuff one was it wasn't general anesthesia one more he had no idea what he was doing and a lot more things I came up with I'm asking if someone if I can still do a tummy tuck and if someone can help me

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Dr Derby

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It is very important to ask your surgeon and anesthesiologist what exactly happened and why. They can give you all the medical details and you can ask them if they feel it is safe to perform the Tummy Tuck. If they give a negative answer you can always get a second opinion. Best of luck

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Tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.  I am sorry to hear about your previous experience. My best recommendation for you would be to go see you medical doctor and have them clear you for surgery. Explain to them what happened and your complications and they will examine you and probably run some tests then they can decide whether you are okay to have another surgery or not. I hope this helps.
Best of luck!

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Can I do my Tummy tuck still?

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience but online consultants, without knowing much more detail, will not be of specific help to you. My best suggestion: seek consultation with your primary care or internist who can evaluate you from the medical standpoint and determine whether you are a good candidate to undergo tummy tuck surgery.  Share with your doctors any information you have regarding your previous surgical history and/or any medical history you have.   This process is called obtaining "medical clearance".

 Once you have this piece of mind, seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who work with board-certified anesthesiologists.  This in-person consultation will be necessary to determine whether you are a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery.
 You may find the attached link/video helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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