I'm experiencing hair loss for past 6 months. Any suggestions?

after taking the bath every day i am seeing hair falls frequently. and my bed it full of hair after get up from bed. my scalp is visible slightly now can you please help to stop this.

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Hair loss

I would recommend meeting with an experienced physician that specializes in hair so that you can have a microscopic scalp examination performed and determine what your cause of hair loss is and your options.

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Need an exam.

You need to see a doctor for an examination to establish a diagnosis for your hair loss. Once you have the diagnosis, you can consider treatment options.

The most common cause of hair loss in young men in their 20's is genetic androgenic alopecia.

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Hair loss diagnosis

The best thing to do if you are worried about hair loss is to see a professional who can offer you advice on what to do.
This could be a trichologist who is a non doctor that specialises in hair and scalp health, or a doctor with expertise in hair loss diagnosis and treatment.

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Hair Loss--What To Do?

Hair loss can be anxiety provoking but before you panic here are some things you need to know.  If you are seeing the curve of your scalp it is probably time to consult with a hair loss expert in your area.  There are quite a few medical conditions that could be the culprit of your hair loss such as Vitamin deficiency, anemia, and thyroid abnormalities.  It could also be a temporary response to an event that has been stressfull on your body.  If it does turn out to be male or female pattern hair loss there are a number of nonsurgical things you can do to help.  Find an expert who you trust and can handle the medical and surgical aspects of hair loss.  Good luck!

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Hair loss

most adults lose approximately 100 strands of hair from the scalp every day due to the natural hair cycle and some of the hairs going into dorment state and others coming out. As long as the process is balanced the number of hairs on the scalp remains constant. However if you are losing usuall amount of hair, there may be other issues that are causing your hair loss. The most common cause of hair loss is genetic, but there are many other causes associated with hair loss. If you feel your hair loss is accelerated then you need to see your dermatologist or a hair loss specialist for the diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is established then appropriate treatment can be applied to decease or prevent future hair loss,

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Hair Shedding and Hair Loss

Hair shedding does not necessarily means you are losing hair, but noticing thinner hair on your scalp could be.  You can lose up to 200 hairs per day normally without any hair loss condition.  Those area the hair that have finished their growth phase and entering resting phase to grow new hair in 4-6 weeks.

If you feel your scalp hair is thinner though, you need to see a dermatologist or hair specialist for further evaluation.

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Acute Hair Loss-Where to Start

Acute hair loss as you describe may be from a variety of medical conditions, such low thyroid, low iron and more serious underlying diseases. Or it maybe just male or female pattern balding. It would be best to see your primary care physician. Express your concerns. They can take a complete history and examine you. They will order appropriate blood work and provide you with a diagnosis. They may refer you to an appropriate specialist based on their findings if necessary. This forum cannot diagnose or treat you appropriately, but seeing your doctor will get you closer to a solution to your problem. Best wishes.

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