Fraxel or IPL for sunspots on forehead?

I'm 42 year old female with sun spots on my forehead and have two consults to have them removed. The dermatologist told me IPL will do the job in 2-4 treatments. My physician who admins my Botox and fillers recommended Fraxel which seems to be quite costly compared to the IPL. And the research I've done is all over the place with differing opinions, so I am left thoroughly confused. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The IPL works well on dark freckles, light freckles are more difficult. Fraxel Dual is excellent also remove some wrinkles.

Options for removing freckles with excellent results include: 1) IPL - lighter freckles may require multiple treatments.  2) Fraxel Dual Laser - Single aggressive or multiple milder treatments - also remove some wrinkles 3) TCA peel - also very nice treatment.  Both Fraxel Dual and TCA peel require about one week of down time. 4) Nano and PicosecondLasers:  Picture 755 nano or picosecond laser, Ruby Laser and 532nm nano or picosecond laser.  All of these treatments are highly effective for removing freckles if the physician doing the treatment is experienced and has the right equipment.  

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Sun spots

Hi lmp121,I'm sorry to hear that you are confused by your options.  You should make sure you see someone who is familiar with both options to help you understand the differences and can provide either service.  Without seeing picture, it is possible that you may have melasma on your forehead, which should be treated with a low energy fractional laser to decrease your chances of worsening your pigment.  IPL can be a very powerful treatment for age spots and is certainly more affordable.Hope that helps.Best,Dr. B

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Fraxel vs IPL

Hello! Thank you for your question. It would be helpful to see pictures, as some types of pigment respond better to some lasers than others, however, I can give you a general answer. The good news is that either one will work. As a general rule, the more energy you put into the skin the bigger result to get, but the more downtime you get as a result. Therefore, the choice of which laser to use is less about results (in this case) and more about the way you want to go about your care. An IPL laser is a wonderful laser for pigment, and is very effective in clearing sunspots. It is a relatively gentle laser, and has almost no downtime, therefore, between 2 and 4 treatment is required. Fraxel, on the other hand, is also a wonderful laser for pigment, but is more aggressive, and tends to have several days of downtime. On the other hand, usually only 1 or 2 treatments are needed. Either one will give you a lovely result, so choose the one that fits your lifestyle the best. I hope this helps, and the best of luck!

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