Would the Femilift affect a urethral mesh sling or be contraindicated because I have it?

I had a stress incontinence problem and chose to have a urethral sling procedure about eight years ago, with good results but some lumpy tissue healing which is occasionally uncomfortable for my husband. I've seen two gynecologists and a urologist who have found nothing remarkable, no mesh erosion, and have prescribed Estrace cream, which I use three times a week, but the problem area remains. Do you think the Femilift might help correct it?

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Hi Teresa,

Technically the femilift procedure is contraindicated on those who have had a mesh reconstruction. That doesn't mean you absolutely can not have it, however, have a conversation with your treating physician about this.

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Probably not

Most likely what you are feeling is the mesh itself, along with local tissue scarring around it.  While Femilift may have some other benefits for you, I don't think it is going to resolve this issue.   If this bothers you a great deal it may be fixable with a minor surgical procedure, though that may also interfere with the effectiveness of the sling. 

Nicholas Fogelson, MD
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The Lumpy Tissue will not go away.

The possible causes of the lumpy vaginal tissue where the sling was placed include: excess vaginal tissue that was bunched up and brought together after the sling was placed, a fold of the mesh sling ( which may not be flat) or scar tissue. The non invasive Laser( Femilift / MonaLisa ) or Radio-frequency(THERMIva) therapies will not get rid of this problem like you have discovered with Estrogen creams. An expert with Female Pelvic Medicine and reconstructive surgery certification should examine you. You may need a short outpatient surgical excision of the vaginal tissue, scar or a small segment of the sling. I hope this advise will be helpful.

ThermiVa in your situation

Thank you for sharing.I actually have both devices and I love both treatments as they are both very effective.  However, when I have a patient with a prior sling/mesh then ThermiVa is my go to device.

David Ghozland, MD
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Possible FemiLift after a mesh sling

From your question it appears there may be some scar tissue associated with the mesh sling.  I do not feel that Femilift will address this issue.  It is possible that a tiny resection of the mesh over the urethra could be done without compromising your results.  Hope this helps.

B. Edward O`Dell, MD
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Your problem is the feel of the mesh and FemiLift is not designed to address this

You are describing one of the most common nuisance complaints associated with mesh slings - they are stiff and cause a "speed bump" effect with sex. This can only be fixed by removing the bump (the sling) and not by any nonsurgical maneuvers. If your sling is working well, you might be able to get away with a resection of the center of the sling without losing continence. The excised portion of sling could simply be removed or replaced with a dermal graft depending upon the quality of the native tissue.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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Male discomfort with intercourse after suburethral mesh sling placement

It's always nice for a clinician to understand just what you wish to accomplish/what's the problem prior to recommending therapy. From your query, it appears that your problem is the occasional discomfort for your husband secondary to your suburethral sling/mesh placement. If that is the sole problem, then definitely "no," FemiLift will not help. However, I suspect that there may be additional things going on. My sincere advice is that you see a clinician in your Northern CA area (you may have to travel a bit to find just the right person!), who is savvy both in sexual medicine, has FemiLift capability, understands sub-urethral slings, and is a gynecologist who also is a genital plastic surgeon. The attached weblink gives you information about FemiLift; you might peruse the website for additional information...
Best wishes,
Michael P Goodman MDDavis, CA, USA

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