I am filipino and I don't like my asian eyes. Could I possibly make them look less asian? Bigger?

I know I am way to young to have anything done but I am hoping I can get something done when I am older. I will feel more confident when leaving the house without makeup.

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Take your time for those new eyes Filipina

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bigger may or may not be better.  If you're in high school get a consult, get some info but think it over.  You may see yourself a bit different in the future.  I doubt you're trying to look less Asian, maybe just different-Asian.  :)  anyhow, incision technique usually affords the most change but suture technique sometimes works for the right surgical candidate.  Attach a photo and we might be more helpful.

Chase Lay MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Westernization of Asian Eyelids

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Thank you for your question. Pictures would be helpful.

In general, westernization of Asian eyelids is possible if desired.  This is usually done by creating a supratarsal crease at the time of eyelid surgery.

To be sure what might be helpful for you, see two or more experienced, board-certified Plastic Surgeons for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

I hope this helps.

Asian blepharoplasty/ Double Eyelid surgery

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Hi Makai, Many thanks for getting in touch. Yes Asian/ Oriental Blepharoplasty / Double eyelid surgery does make the eyes look bigger. Although it shouldn't actually change the height of the eyelid margin itself, it elevates the height of the lid fold giving the illusion of a bigger eye. A good surgeon should be able to discuss with you the various options to increase the exposure of the underlying eyelid so that it would still be safe, guarantee normal eyelid function and ocular surface protection, be harmonious with your facial features, height and ethnicity. As you say age is important but many surgeons including myself are happy to offer this sort of surgery to patients even as young as 16-18 in the UK providing that patients can demonstrate the emotional/ psychological maturity required to undergo cosmetic surgery. 

David Cheung, MBChB, Bsc(Hons), FRCOphth
Birmingham Oculoplastic Surgeon

Making Asian eyes look more Western

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Asian eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a commonly performed surgery to create a crease on the upper eyelid or change the shape of the eyes. A prominent lid crease and bigger/rounder eyes are characteristic of the Caucasian eyelid. 

Previously, aggressive surgery was performed to completely change the appearance of the Asian eyelid. Now it is more common to make subtle changes that increase the eye opening ,but maintain Asian feature. I would consult with a surgeon who specializes Asian blepharoplasty. Safety comes first. 

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