Can rhinoplasty/chin implant/tummy tuck/liposuction be done at the same time? What will recovery and travel be like? (Photo)

I hope to get a rhinoplasty, chin implant, tummy tuck and lipo. I plan to get all these surgeries done in India by a well known and qualified surgeon. (this is the only way I can afford it) But I will be on my own. Will this be too hard of a recovery for me to get through on my own? Can the surgeon do all 4 things at the same time? Would it be possible for me to fly 22 hrs back home 10 days after my surgeries?

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Tummy tuck

Bleeding after a rhinoplasty is unusual but can occur up to 3 weeks after a surgery.  If you are on a shorter flight (about 5 hours or less), then even if a bleed were to occur, no adverse problem would like to occur.  If a bleed were to occur over the ocean, then you could have a disaster.  Also, the fluid shifts in your body after a long flight can be dangerous after a long surgery and a tummy tuck.  Sorry for the bad news, but I would strongly encourage you not to do this.  Best wishes

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Can rhinoplasty/chin implant/tummy tuck/liposuction be done at the same time? What will recovery and travel be like?

Dear Aubzy123, As stated multiple times before it is best to stay local and in the states for such procedures. The risk of complications and a 22 hour flight ten days post surgery are not conducive to a good recovery plan. These procedures can be combined together however if you can not afford all of the procedures then break them in to two separate procedures. Have the nose and chin surgery combined and then the liposuction/tummy tuck combined together. This will give you some savings having two procedures together and time to save and wait for the secondary procedure. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Multiple surgical procedures on your face and body

 The procedures you're talking about performing simultaneously is a lot to consider at one time.  You may wish to separate them  into 2 procedures. The rhinoplasty procedure is technically the most difficult procedure to perform so it's important to find the right surgeon for your nose.  It is best a shop quality, not price since this is a major decision. Followup is also going to be important for this amount of surgery, so you may have to fly back for touchups or  postoperative care.

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Rhinoplasty-Chin Implant-Tummy Tuck - Liposuction In India, Stay 10 Days, Then 22 Hour Flight Home - Good Idea?

There are many outstanding plastic surgeons in India.  In fact, some of the earliest reported plastic procedures were invented in India back in the 11th century. 

This is a great question because it goes to the heart of choosing the right plastic surgeon for whatever procedures you want.  Unfortunately, plastic surgeons who are great at noses often do not do a great tummy tuck and vice versa.  Add to this conundrum, giving the surgeon only a 10-day follow up before you leave for thousands of miles away does not really take into consideration that problems/complications can occur weeks or even months after a well done surgery. 

A patient who has had as much surgery as you are desiring should never go on a 22 hour flight before the inflammatory process is over, that being 3 - 4 months. 

In my opinion, you are challenging your surgeon and your body and fate way past anything reasonable, all in the name of trying to save money.  You will be much better served breaking the surgeries into four, or at least two procedures, done by a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area with skills and interests in your desired procedures.

Social media websites, such as RealSelf, will help you identify excellent Board Certified plastic surgeons for whatever specific surgeries you are interested in, and they also help you find areas where excellent surgeons operate at a reasonable fee.  

Unfortunately, many consumers such as yourself think all plastic surgeons will do a reasonable job even on multiple procedures at significantly discounted prices.  This just isn't true.  Pick the best Board Certified plastic surgeon you can afford in your area, and have your procedures done over time. 


I would strongly recommend that you find a specialist here to do your procedures.  Complications can occur anywhere which might prolong your recovery and require weeks of follow up care so stay home for surgery.  If you look hard enough you will find experts here that will do your procedures at a reasonable price

Dr Corbin

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Can rhinoplasty/chin implant/tummy tuck/liposuction be done at the same time? What will recovery and travel be like?

Very bad idea to have surgery outside of the country unless you are staying close to your surgeon for 6 to 9 weeks post op, or until released.  It is safe to have these surgeries together if you use a highly qualified board certified plastic surgeon, and you are close by in case of complications.  At 10 days, you are not exempt from complications.  If you cannot afford to have this close to where you live, I would rethink having it at all.

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