Just had my first breast augmentation consult and I'm curious to hear what other professionals think? (Photos)

I have never had top volume in my breasts.I just had my 1st consult&was told that It would be best to get a lift w/implants &that implants alone would not give me nice results bc the skin would just hang off.I am hesitant with the scar from a lift and was told I would get decent results with a donut lift.Im 5'8/160lbs/full C small D.The dr recommended 550-600cc over the muscle.Would donut lift give me good results? What if I just got implants w/o a lift? Difference between over/under/dual plane?

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Just had my first breast augmentation consult and I'm curious to hear what other professionals think?

If you are young and you don't like the idea of having scars over your breast, you should not have a lift done. You can have BA and always return for a lift if you like the volume and wish to have the breast lifted. Seek a plastic surgeon that performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

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Breast implants alone or breast implants with breast lift?

There is nothing comparable to a face-to-face examination but based solely on your photographs I would be considering a Benelli lift ("doughnut left") and placement of moderate sized implants.  I would advise avoiding excessively large implants to create a more natural balance and I am concerned that 550 to 600 mL would be larger than I would recommend.  Watch the video linked to above for more information about large implants.  We each have our preferences for type of surgery but my inclination is to place smooth round cohesive gel implants in a partial subpectoral position selecting the final implant based on your actual appearance during the surgery.
You might be well advised to have several consultations to get a variety of opinions until you find a doctor in whom you have confidence.  Best wishes.
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Breast augmentation with possible lift

A physical examination in person is always the best way provide a proper recommendation - however, from looking at your photos, you most likely will need some type of lift to provide you with the best possible result.  A donut lift with an augmentation could provide you with the results you desire and minimize the amount of scarring.  Another option you could consider is getting the breast augmentation first, and if you do not like how it looks you could always do the breast lift at a later time.Best of luck and hope this information helps!- Dr. Roger Tsai

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You will need a lift

With the caveat that photos are helpful but no substitute for a physical exam, based on your photos alone you will need a lift.  And a donut lift with large implants in a subglandular position would not be a winning combo in my opinion.  A vertical lift more likely to give a nice, enduring result, and placing the implants in a dual plane subpectoral position (I agree with Dr. Weintraub's post) would be best.  Don't worry so much about the scars - people don't complain about nicely healed, mature scars on a nice shaped breast.  But thick bumpy wide scars and bad shape, they hate that.  That's the risk with the subglandular/donut/big implant combo.

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Breast Augment

When formulating a surgical plan, it is always best to to an exam first. But just based on your photos I would lean towards submuscular dual plane implants and a donut lift to better position the areolas.

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I don't recommend the donut lift

Hi and thanks so much for your photos and inquiry. There are likely going to be as many different opinions as there are responses to your question because your situation falls into a "grey zone." Technically speaking, you need a lift in order to center the nipple/areola up onto the breast mound and tighten the lower pole of the breast. A small-medium implant in addition would give you a really nice result with the upper-pole fullness you're looking for. But, if you're just not comfortable with the vertical scar that results from the breast lift, an alternative is to have a dual plane breast augmentation with a moderate-sized implant (300-400 cc.) You will have very natural-looking breasts, and your nipple will be slightly  more elevated on the breast, although not prefectly centered. This gives you the benefit of having some muscular coverage over the implant, but helps the implant fill out the lower pole of the breast. And your scar will be small. What I would recommend you avoid is a large, subglandular implant with a donut lift. There are many problems with this. First, the peri-areolar scar tends to widen and stretch your areolar skin over time. It also flattens the central breast, decreasing protection. The subglandular placement increases your risk of capsular contracture. Down the road, when you need a revision, you'll likely need to change the implant to a subglandular plane, which is a fairly complicated procedure.Looking at all the factors in your life, I suggest weighing what is important to you. If shape is the most important factor, have a vertical breast lift with an implant. The shape will be lovely, and the scars will lighten over time. If avoiding scars is your priority, you'll probably do fine with a dual-plane breast augmentation as long as your expectations are realistic. Placing a large subglandular implant in an attempt to avoid a lift does not work, and you will need a complicated revision/lift eventually.Best of luck with your decision, please keep us posted.Dr. Weintraub

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