My teeth are loose and I have receding gums due to a piercing I had years ago which led to gingivitis. (Photo)

Last time I went to the dentist, which was probably over 5 years ago, I was told I had gingivitis. I use to have perfectly straight teeth. Now I have a gap on my two lower teeth and they feel loose. The gum between the two teeth actually moves like it's not attatched. My gums in front of those two teeth are red and bleed. Is there hope for my teeth? Are they going to fall out? What's the first step? I just recently got dental insurance.

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Oral Piercing and gum Recession

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lip / tongue piercing cause gum recession 

In your case the situation is multifactorial. You developed gingivitis as your dentist diagnosed before. Over the years this lead to periodontitis because it was left untreated. Periodontitis is inflammation in the gum and bone loss. So your teeth became loose. 

The periodontitis and bone loss plus lip piercing have contributed to gum recession and gaps between your teeth. 

First step would be to see a periodontist. He/ she could examine the site, take xrays to see the extent of bone loss and mobility .  If possible could scale your teeth, splint them and maybe graft the gum area. 

All depends on what xrays and periodontal exam reveal.  

If situation is very severe, replacing these teeth with implants or other options could be discussed with your periodontist and dentist. 

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