Muscle Contraction after Tummy Tuck. What is causing this? Can anything be done?

I had my tummy tuck two years ago. Looks great. However, whenever I am up and moving, my entire abdomen contracts. It puts added pressure on my bladder and intestines. Walking, exercising or playing 18 holes of golf feeling like you are in labor is not lovely. What is causing this? Can anything be done?

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Muscle contraction after tummy tuck

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I have never seen this after a tummy tuck and it may not be related to your surgery. Consult your plastic surgeon to be sure.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

What is causing my muscle contraction after my tummy tuck?

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Muscle contraction that you explain is quite unusual. I do not have any idea why that would be but it probably could be controlled or alleviated with Botox injections.

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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