Tretinoin (0.125%) Combined with Hydroquinone (2%) for Acne, Breaking Out Worse Than Before, Normal?

Hi. I'm gilbert 18 years of age and just started using a solution of tretinoin with hydroquinone.. at first i noticed that my pimples were dried easily and as i notice i got more breakouts. some are like cystic some are blisters amd they are almost in my jawline and lower oart of my cheek . i also got breakout on my neck bcoz i applied there too. is it normal? how long it will breakout? what is the right procedure of applying? like should i still apply even my face is peeling? thank you!

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Individualized treatment with Tretinoin and/or Hydroquinone best

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Hydroquinone is used to treat dyschromia (abnormal pigmentation). Retin A (Tretinoin) is used for acne treatment and prevention but also helps to lighten the skin and dermal thickness. Both can be used at the same time and work in a synergistic fashion for pigmentation issues.
If you are not having pigmentation problems you should not be using hydroquinone.

See your skin care dermatologist or plastic surgeon for best advice for your individual condition as typically formulation strengths and application schedule varies from person to person.

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