Why when I sleep on the right side, my right eye feels like it drops down out of it socket and it hurts.

10 months ago I had upper and lower eyelid surgery. My right eye seems swollen and feels something heavy touching inside my upper eye from one corner of the eye to the other. When I sleep on my right side, my eye feels like it drops down to the right side of my eye socket and it hurts. Now it hurts all the time. is there a scar tissue under the upper eyelid? What is wrong?

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Post-Operative Irritation

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Hi romenajonas,Thanks for your question. I'm sorry you've been struggling with some post-operative issues. It would give us a better idea of what's causing your irritation if you could tell us what kind of upper and lower eyelid surgery you had performed. Post-operative swelling can be persistent for up to a year in some cases. However, persistent pain and foreign body sensation should not. Without photos or knowing exactly what procedure you had done, I can't offer much more advice. I would contact your surgeon to discuss your concerns. Good luck!

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