Skin Necrosis with Dermal Fillers?

I’m planning on getting dermal fillers on regular basis (3-6 months). Is there a risk of skin/tissue necrosis with such regular touch up? I really like the results from first time fillers I had recently and want to keep the same results but am worried as I read about possibility of skin narcosis with regular use. Is there a way I can care for my skin after dermal filler so that my skin could get blood circulation and I could never have nacrosis of skin?

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Skin necrosis with dermal fillers is very rare.

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Getting fillers every 3-6 months doesn't predispose you to any higher risk of skin necrosis. It is rare to begin with and i doubt you would ever get it but it can happen.  Nothing you can do about preventing it except going to a doc who is a good injector. Sincerely,
David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Dermal necrosis risk

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There is a small risk of vessel occlusion or compression which could result in skin necrosis but this is very rare.  Fortunately the face has good collateralizaiion of vessels in most areas, but there certain areas where risk is definitely higher because there is only one vessel supplying blood to that area.  The risk of this occuring is not associated with the number of injections but more with poor visualization and placement of the dermal filler.  An injector has to know his/her facial anatomy and know where the higher risk areas are located.  Always go to an experienced injector.


Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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