What's the best skin lightening cream to try? I'm Asian and I have pigmentation (Photo)

Hi Dr. .I am Asian. I have skin pigmentation . I have heard about Elure, Obagi, Malarase creams. Could you please give me an idea or advise to which lightening cream to try out? I am very religious about using SPF 30 on my face and eyes area. I think I have my pigmentation back in my 20s, 30s cause I didn't know anything about SPF. I am now 48 years old . I could not afford laser treatment but if I do in the future, which laser or peel should I look for.Thanking you in advance for your kindness.

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My recommendations

There is a prescription, Triluma, which contains tretinoin, hydroquinone and cortisone which can be helpful.  For non-prescription lighteners, I recommend NuGene light and bright gel. IPL laser treatment can be very helpful for some patients. Lastly, I recommend the Ultra Brightening BB cream sunscreen for daily use. 

Lake Forest Dermatologist

Skin Lightening Creams for Asian Patient

I suggest a combination approach of a bleaching cream and other non-HQ brightening agents along with a tinted sunscreen.  There are many options but you should see someone who specializes in skin pigmentation in asian patients which is a huge proportion of my population. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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