Can Silicone Implant in the nose cause chronic sinusitis of the ethmoid air cells? Thank you very much!

Hello, I had the silicone implant in my nose for 20 years and the implant is only a little bit. I got the chronic sinusitis of the ethmoid air cells. I checked internet and it is said the deviated septum could caused the chronic sinusitis of the ethmoid so is it possible the silicone implant can cause the deviated septum then cause the chronic sinusitis of the ethmoid air cells? Appreciate your replies and thank you for your help!

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Long Term Silicone Implant Risk for Chronic Sinusitis

A silicone implant which has been otherwise symptom free for 20 years is unlikely to be responsible for your chronic sinus condition. Having a deviated nasal septum, allergies, narrow sinus outflow tracts, enlarged turbinates etc. are more that likely the issue. I recommend a comprehensive nasal and sinus evaluation with an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon/ ENT who can evaluate your situation, exam your nose, review your CT scan, allergy work up and nasal endoscopy studies and recommend an appropriate plan of therapy. Surgical and non-surgical options should be considered. Best wishes.  

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