What is the best route to even skin tone, eliminate redness and sun spots and tighten skin? (photos)

I'm 40 years old. I've developed a few brown spots and redness in the last few years. I had 2 IPL treatments and saw results but felt the doctor was holding back. I've also done at home 40% glycolic peels but am looking for long lasting results. I've heard great things about Obagi Nu Derm and Profractional Lasers but would love feedback before I fork out more cash. I'm tired of spending hours contouring concealing and highlighting to feel pretty again. I'd love to be able to be bare faced.

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Is laser a magic wand? Fixing skin in your 40's.

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  • The are several things that happen with time and sun damage. We develop thinning of the skin, pigmented spots, red spots or other broken vessels, fine and deep wrinkles.
  • The best way to get beautiful skin after a treatment is to target all of those.  If you only target one then the result will be disappointing.
  • At my office my nurse or aesthetician do the IPL or the micro laser peel.  However, if a more thorough treatment is required I do it myself.  Because I want to treat all the above problems, I go over the face up to 5 times with different laser treatments.
  • I will use two different IPL treatment; one that targets superficial pigment and one that treats red spots/ vessels.  I then do a resurfacing with either a full face micropeel followed by pro fractional treatment, or I do a deep full face resurfacing.  This step takes care of deeper pigmented spots, scars, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, lack of lustre, and loss of skin's collagen.  
  • Whether a profractional treatment or a full face deeper resurfacing is done is completely up to my patient's recovery time.  Obviously the deeper the treatment the more profound the result, but the longer the recovery. In general if you have about 6 days that you can hide out, you would get a more significant result from the full field deep resurfacing.  If you only have 3-4 days then do pro fractional but you will have to repeat it once or twice to get as much benefit.
  • Is laser  a magic wand? Of course not, but it is as close to it that we have in medicine.

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