Rhinoplasty: Nose bridge has a slight bump and scar easily, what kind of surgery do I need? (photos)

I don't have a tip and want one. 3 of my siblings has a tip and 2 have a very pointy nose. I have a nose bridge with a slight bump, and that is okay for me. I want a tip. Help. What kind of surgery do I need?? I am afraid of scares and don't want the sides of my nose to be snip. I saw some PS doing that to their patients. I scar easily and have type 3 skin. Most Asians, non white hispanics, and Africans hypo-pigment easily

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Rhinoplasty: Nose bridge has a slight bump and scar easily, what kind of surgery do I need?

There are many different options with regard to rhinoplasty surgery.  If external scarring is a significant concern, you may be a good candidate for a closed rhinoplasty in which all of the incisions are inside the nose and are therefore not visible.  Both your nasal tip and nasal dorsum could be addressed.  In most cases this type of surgery should not affect skin pigmentation.  Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive rhinoplasty experience.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

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Rhinoplasty: Nose bridge has a slight bump and scar easily, what kind of surgery do I need?

Thank you for your question.

If you are unhappy with the look of your nose, you think that you would be much happier after a rhinoplasty operation; if you had an accident and the shape of your nose got worsened after this accident; then you can be a good candidate for rhinoplasty operation. It is a well-known fact that individuals with feeling themselves beautiful have higher self-esteem. Therefore; if the look or functionality of your nose bothers you, you can get benefit from a rhinoplasty operation.

There are different kinds of rhinoplasty operations however we can divide them as the one that requires bone excision and the one that does not need bone excision. The main fact that we classify the rhinoplasty operations like that is that the results and postoperative period is associated closely with this fact. In the operations like “nasal tip correction”, “simple rhinoplasty” there is no need for a bone excision however these minor operations cannot be beneficial for everyone. The operation type is need to be determined by the surgeon according to needs of the patient. In these minor operations the rhinoplasty is performed with closed method. The bone and the cartilage tissues are not involved in the surgery directly. Small nasal bumps can be removed in these operations.

In the operation that needs the bone and cartilage tissues to be involved; open approach is used. In the procedures with open approach, the size, shape and functionality of the nose can be improved. The big nasal bumps can be removed and septal deviations can be corrected providing a better nasal airway.

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Open or closed?

You appear to be suitable for rhinoplasty either open or closed. The columellar scar associated qwith open rhinoplasty hen properly placed and closed is usually inconspicuous.  The trade off for a closed rhinoplasty is the difficulty in achieving perfectly smooth results because of limitations on visibility.  Open also allows the introduction of the new Piezo ultra high frequency power tools that are less traumatic and more reliable to give symmetric results.  You should obrtain a consultation to begin this process.  The Rhinoplasty Society website can help you find a qualified surgeon who performs a sufficient number of rhinoplasties yearly to qualify for membership.

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Rhinoplasty Candidate

Dear jenjen1964, Based on your photographs above you appear to have a slight dorsal hump and a bulbous tip that needs refining. You do not need an alar base reduction so you would have no need to have (sides of your nose snipped). I would suggest seeking consultation with some experts in the field of rhinoplasty surgery and have imaging performed to show you the changes rhinoplasty surgery could provide for you. Once you determine the desired nose then review your surgeons before and after photographs to ensure natural looking rhinoplasty results. See examples in the link below and video above. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty only


You should seek counsel from a board certified closed rhinoplasty surgeon who performs closed scarless rhinoplasty as 100% of his surgical practice.  All incisions are made inside the nostrils with no external cuts or scars. You could subtly enhance and refine the nose with this technique without drastic change. Meaningful refinement is the key.  All the best!

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Rhinoplasty for dorsal hump and tip correction #plasticsurgery

Based on your photos, you appear to have a dorsal nasal hump and wide and bulbous nasal tip. These features can be corrected with rhinoplasty. Your bulbous nasal tip can be corrected with cartilage modification and suturing techniques designed to add support and refinement to the nasal tip. 

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Rhinoplasty: Nose bridge has a slight bump and scar easily, what kind of surgery do I need?

Dear jenjen1964

Based on the photographs and your skin type, most of your stated goals can be achieved through a closed rhinoplasty. Your dorsal bump can be removed and your tip narrowed and shaped. In a closed rhinoplasty, the scars are internal and someone with your skin type can have a natural and rewarding result.

Look for an experienced and properly trained plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery. See more than one consult and make a well informed decision.  

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Hello JenJen,

The good news is rhinoplasty surgery can be performed with no external incisions.  The other option is a small, external incision on the columella of your nose.  I would recommend coming in for an examination and consult where we can examine you, talk with you to hear what your expectations are from surgery, and go over what is realistic or possible with either option.  Our cosmetic consultations are complimentary.  Otherwise, best of luck to you!

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Rhinoplasty for the thick skinned nose with large tip?

Rhinoplasty for the thick skinned nose with large tip can be done without any external scars using the closed technique. You can have a much smaller tip but not very pointy because of the thick skin. See a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who does natural noses in Hispanic patients and not the overdone look.

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Rhinoplasty: Nose bridge has a slight bump and scar easily, what kind of surgery do I need?

The appearance of your nose can be improved with an artistically performed rhinoplasty through a closed or open approach. What would be the best option and exact procedure would depend on an examination and discussion about desired outcome. No one ever "needs" a rhinoplasty. It is an elective procedure and only you can determine if your nasal features concern you enough to do something about improving the cosmetic appearance of your nose and whether it would be worthwhile.  

Keep in mind that following advice from a surgeon on this or any other website who proposes to tell you exactly what to do based on two dimensional photos without examining you, physically feeling your tissue, assessing your desired outcome, taking a full medical history and discussing the pros and cons of the operative procedure would not be in your best interest. Natural appearing results need to be individualized and what is appropriate for one patient is not necessarily the best for someone else. I would suggest that you find a surgeon with extensive rhinoplasty experience certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and one who is ideally a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) or a facial plastic surgeon (otolaryngologist) that you trust and are comfortable with. You should discuss your concerns with that surgeon in person. 

Additional information about the procedure will help you decide if it is a procedure that you want to pursue. 

Robert Singer, MD FACS

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