Restylane in lips 1 week ago, not happy with volume. How soon can I inject again and is juvederm a better option? (Photo)

Derm used 1 syringe of restylane into lips and 1 side of nasolabial folds. I am not pleased with the results as I am missing the fullness wanted from inside my lips. Injections are only on the perimeter of lips which are crooked and missing spots. He also insisted injecting on the cupids bow which is uneven. I don't feel my Derm did an adequate job for this reason I am hesitant to go back to him. Should I try a different type of filler for desired look and any recommendations for Bay Area?

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Not happy with volume

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In order to achieve your desired look, I would suggest getting there slowly and conservatively through a series of injections over a short period of time, such as every 2 weeks until you reached your desired goals.  This would allow for the product and swelling to settle between injections thus allowing for a more even correction.  I feel Juvaderm and Restylane are equally good for lip volumization.  

Second filler injection

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It is not necessarily a bad thing to be conservative with the first filler treatment. You can always add more if the size is not adequate, and generally you end up with a nicer shape splitting the enlargement in two sessions. I would recommend to wait two weeks for the complete resolution of the swelling before adding more filler.

Restylane injections for the Lips

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It is only one day after there procedure and you really cannot judge the results after one one day.  There is always some swelling and you really need to wait 10 days to see the full effects of the procedure before you decide to remove it.  Best, Dr. Green


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Hi & thank you  for your question.

It is very common to have swelling for 7-10 days after having a filler injected, especially to the lips. Let the lips heal and the swelling go down before having additional filler added.

Lips filler Improvement

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Please see an expert for treatment , the filler is often not the issue, its often the technique used.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm vs. Restylane for the Lips

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Thanks for your photos. You weren't clear whether you shared the photos you shared here with your doc before injecting. Had I seen your pics of desired outcomes, I might have selected Juvederm from the outset because it is a more hydrophylic product meaning that it absorbs water and plumps a little more than the Restylane. 

For me, I can achieve plumper lips yet still soft and shapely and cushiony using Juvederm product. It is often my favorite in younger women and my experience is younger women prefer its look, just as you posted in the desired look photos.

Go back and ask your doctor what he or she thinks....I always like to assess lips I have injected a week or two after to be sure the patient is happy and that we have achieved the desired aesthetic outcome. Your doctor can always add more. 

By the way, the lips you show in your desired outcome photos appear to be more than one syringe of filler, though its hard to tell since there are no photos of that person. Also, since you stated that your doc used 1 syringe in NLF's MLF's as well as lips, that means that less than 1 syringe was put in the lips which perhaps was inadequate for your desired outcome.

Most experienced injectors in the bay area charge about $600 per syringe for lip fillers, so keep this in mind if/when you shop for a new injector. Anything much less and you are probably not dealing with authentic product nor the experience level you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Go back to your doctor

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 Thank you for sharing your question and posting the photos. It is always a sign of a good physician if the treatment was conservative. Your doctor can inject more filler at this point. Restylane is great for the areas you are having treated. Good luck!

Unhappy With Filler To Lips

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My preference is to use Juvederm or Restylane Silk in the lips, but, it's not so much the product that's used as it is the skill of the injector. You can easily have more filler added at this point. Make sure you clearly communicate your goals with your injector so that you're both on the same page. Best of luck.

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