Do I require a jaw correction, or after getting braces for my crossbite/overbite my jaw will be symmetrical? (photos)

In pictures my face always looks asymmetrical. I do get jaw pain but I guess I got used to it. My concern is whether or not my jaw will look symmetrical once my teeth are properly aligned with braces. I took various photos, depending on the position it will vary from looking slightly to moderately asymmetrical. Not sure what the best treatment option is and about how long it would take.

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Will Braces Correct an Asymmetrical Jaw?

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Braces alone will NOT correct your posterior crossbite and asymmetrical jaw. The reason you have a posterior crossbite is because your upper jaw is underdeveloped. Braces will NOT develop bone. You can correct your problem without surgery but you will need arch development. This is done with a simple removable appliance that looks much like a simple retainer but is adjustable. You will adjust the appliance yourself at home every few days until your upper jaw is the appropriate size to fit with your lower jaw. 
After your upper jaw is the appropriate size you will need to have braces to straighten and align the teeth. By the way, the upper jaw development will also make your face, eyes, mouth and ears more symmetric as well.
Good luck!

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