Permanent veneers don't seem right. (photos)

I finally got permanent veneers on top 4 front teeth, only after 5 months dealing w/ incompetence. I'm unhappy with these and have concerns: the spaces between them at gum line are dark and so large that when I speak I spit air bubbles thru on certain sounds. Almost impossible to clean out food. And now the margins seem to be more visible and have dark edges. #7 and slightly on #9 have dark area show thru inside center of veneer. Will it grow? Will gums heal better? #9 crooked but stuck w/that

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Hello there,
I'm sorry to hear that you don't love your veneers.  It sounds like you have some real concerns with your recent dental work. Unfortunately, the wait and see approach is not the best to take in your case. I would recommend speaking with your dentist about your concerns, so your veneers can be remade to your liking. I always tell people to judge the dentist on the quality of the before and after photos of his/her actual patients. This will give you a pretty good indication about what you can expect. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Options For Veneer Replacement

Your upper teeth look to be very "flared out" from this photo.  Whatever you decide to do it is crucial that you get an Invisalign type of retainer to wear at night to keep them from moving more.  It looks as though you are a tongue thruster and have pushed them out.  As far as the aesthetics are concerned, bring these up to your dentist and see what he/she says.  If not satisfied, you would then need to consider having another cosmetic dentist take a look and give you another opinion.  I am fairly certain your dentist can improve upon your existing veneers.  Good luck.  

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Unhappy with veneers

It sounds as if you have had problems for an extended period of time. The concerns that you are describing will not go away. At this point you have three choices. Live with the outcome. Discuss the outcome with the dentist and have the veneers remade. Finally, start over with a new dentist. If you choose option three I suggest you do your homework before choosing a dentist. Don't let cost be the determining factor. Ask to see before and afters and also find out the doctor's level of experience in cosmetic dentistry.

Permanent veneers don't seem right

I do not know how your teeth looked before placement of the veneers, but they obviously did not give you the result you were hoping to achieve.  Unfortunately, the spacing between your teeth will not improve and the dark edges and darkness inside of the veneers will not improve and may get worse as time goes by. In order to close those large spaces between your teeth, full all porcelain crowns would be a better choice of restoration.  This will allow for better design to close the spaces, eliminate the dark areas of concern, and  to correct the crookedness of number 9.  If you proceed in this direction, your temporary crowns should give you a good idea of how the final crowns will look and feel.  You should not have any final restorations permanently cemented until you are completely satisfied and approve them.   I would recommend advising your dentist of your concerns and dissatisfaction with the results.  If he/she offers to redo and you are comfortable, than you should proceed.  If he/she fails to offer to redo, advise him/her that you will be going for a second opinion and that you would like a refund payable to the dentist that will be replacing the veneers.  Your smile is extremely important for your self image/ self esteem.  Do not be discouraged, but do not accept the unsatisfactory result that you now have.  Your goal should be to be happy and proud of your smile.  Good luck!!!

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