Are Perlane results immediately post treatment an accurate indicator of end result? What are the chances Vitrase will reverse?

I had perlane injected in my sagging corners and NLFs (0.5 total only). I made a huge mistake and actually miss my wrinkles! Now my cheekbones blends in with my NLFs giving me a flat face. I also have a duck mouth due to some swelling. I also hated my results immediately after. Does that mean I will probably hate the end result? Can the perlane expand MORE? Also how likely would it be to reverse with vitrase w/ the same dr who does not use often (but who knows what I looked like before)?

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Perlane Results Lasting?

Hi Bebe.  Perlane results IMMEDIATELY after injections are not representative of the final outcome.  Swelling can have a big effect on how things look immediately after treatment so we do not bring our patients back in for a checkup until 2 weeks after injection.

In relation to the Vitrase issue, we would try it with your existing practitioner first.  For examples of Perlane before and after pictures for our Los Angeles and Orange County patients, click the link below.  

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