What are some options to rectify an asymmetrical nose? (photo)

I had a nose job almost twenty years ago, but the bridge of my nose is not symmetrical as you can see from the photo. I really do not want to have another full rhinoplasty operation on it again. What are my options please?

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Asymmetry of nose after rhinoplasty

Bony asymmetry after rhinoplasty can become apparent after many years. The most definitive way to correct this is with a revision rhinoplasty to cut the bones again and put them back into a symmetric position.

Some patients don't want to undergo an invasive procedure, and sometimes a minimally invasive injection can be done to camoflauge the asymmetry. A soft tissue filler can be used to fill in the other side. The hyaluronic based products are usually best, such as Juvederm which can last about 1 year, and Voluma which may last up to 2 years. The benefit of these products is that they can be done as an office procedure easily, but the downside is that they are not permanent and that they will make your nose overall wider.

Sometime patients like the results of the soft tissue filler and want a more permanent solution and fat transfer can be used. This technique removes fat from another part of your body by liposuction and it can be carefully processed and then re-injected in the same way that a filler would be injected. The downside to this technique is that it has to be done in a operating room and the results can be a little unpredictable and therefore may need to be repeated. The benefit is that once the fat takes - it is permanent.

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What are some options to rectify an asymmetrical nose?

One option, if you want to avoid another surgery, might be to use an injectable filler such as Juvederm or Voluma.  The injectable fillers do resorb over time and would need to be repeated.  However a longer lasting filler like Voluma may last for two years.  Short of surgery, I believe this would probably be your best choice. Best wishes, Dr Lepore.

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Asymmetry of nose after rhinoplasty.

Asymmetry of nose after rhinoplasty. I need to see better photos. A filler done every 2 years may be the simplest and cheapest solution with no down time. 

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Corecting Asymmetrical Nose

Surgically the asymmetry can corrected by limiting the work to changing the position and contour of the nasal bones. Injections of fillers are a popular non-invasive treatment but this will make your bridge wider.

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Thank you for the photo but a full examination is really needed to see what might be the simplest solution for you

Dr Corbin

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What are some options to rectify an asymmetrical nose?-

You can have a more refined nose that is natural in appearance. I perform these surgeries with closed technique to preserve the structure of the nose and minimize visible scarring.

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