Can MonaLisa Touch be done with Thermiva at the same time ?

I would like to get both treatments done. Is there a time I should wait after Thermiva before getting MonaLisa Touch done or both treatments can be done at one visit ? Thank You P.S I haven't been pregnant and won't be ( in case that is important )

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MLT or ThermiVa

There is no reason to do both of these procedures simultaneously on the vaginal tissues. I would recommend the MonaLisa Touch (MLT) if the primary concern is the restoration of vaginal tissues to normal.

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No need for two

There is no need to do two vaginal rejuvenation/reparative procedures. One procedure is all you need and the better of the two is the fractional CO2 laser, MonaLisa Touch. The MonaLisa will restore and repair the vaginal tissue and also can be used for vulvar atrophy (thinning, loss of labia fullness, etc). I perform the MonaLisa treatment both internally and externally each time for the majority of patients I treat. Patients have seen a change in their vulvar tissue, including a significant reduction in thin tissue that tears and fissures with intercourse, but that also burns and itches on a daily basis. There is a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the vulva, including more fullness in the labia. 

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Two treatments

The MonaLisa can restore better lubrication and reduce painful intercourse. While the ThermiVa can definitely improve the external appearance. So both procedures can be performed if necessary for different results. As an expert I like to guide the patients in regaining their Pelvic health.

What are you trying to achieve with these treatments?

You can certainly do laser and radiofrequency treatments in combination, but the point of doing this would be dubious because they do similar things. They won't affect each other negatively, but the results of whatever you're trying to achieve might not be additive.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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Not two treatments

I would not recommend the two treatments that you mentioned overlapping at all.  You should choose the one that will be the most effective, like MonaLisa Touch.  Then wait a few months, because the tissue will continue to restructure.  Then based on your symptoms, you can choose if you need another procedure.  You probably will not need another, and it may be other management like hormones that you choose.  Do not seek to do them together.

Two treatments at the same time...why?

Hello Ania,

Thanks for your post. The answer depends on the area that you want ThermiVa treatment on. You didn't mention what your concerns are. Both can treat the inside of the vagina, but there's no need to do both MLT and ThemiVa at the same time. If I had to chose one treatment for the vagina it would be a CO2 laser, such as MLT or FemiLift, over RadioFrequency (RF), such as ThermiVa, any day of the week. CO2 works much better than RF for vaginal resurfacing.

Now if you want labia majora tightening then ThermiVa can do this, whereas MLT can't. MLT only treats the inside of the vagina. The problem with ThermiVa is that the results on the majora are short lived and may not be worth your money.

I suggest you consult with a reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon who has experience in vaginal rejuvenation. Seems to me that you need time with someone who can understand what your looking for and then offer you your best options.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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