Mini tummy tuck after full tummy tuck: Is it possible? (Photo)

I just received a tummy tuck yesterday and my stretch marks are a lot higher then expected is a mini tummy tuck possible after a tummy. I only wanted stretch marks on my waist line not above my belly button. I thought my stretch marks would lay lower not above my belly button!

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Many tummy tuck after full tummy tuck will not remove your stretch marks

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From your photograph it appears you've had a proper full tummy tuck.  The reason you still see stretch marks is that the stretch marks were so high an extensive on your abdomen that it was impossible to remove enough skin to remove all the stretch marks.  A mini tummy tuck would be far below your belly button and would not address the upper abdominal stretch marks.

Persistent stretch marks after tummy tuck

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 Your stretch marks are so extensive in the mid to upper abdomen that it is impossible to remove enough skin even with an aggressive formal tummy tuck to move the stretch marks to the low position you desire. A secondary mini tummy tuck would not provide any improvement in the stretch mark location.

David A. Bottger, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck after full possible but won't remove upper stretch marks

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A mini tummy tuck can remove additional skin in the lower abdomen but it will have no effect on the upper abdomen. From the pictures posted, it appears that you have had a significant amount of skin removal so the addition of a mini at this point would not improve your results.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Persistent stretch marks

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Thank you for your pictures. A mini tummy time or a full tummy tuck cannot change the position of your stretch marks if they began above your belly button before the surgery. Any stretch marks that you have above the bellybutton still will be present either below or above the new bellybutton. A mini tummy tuck is only reserved for women who never had a tummy tuck before and have a very small of excess skin and laxity of the tummy wall below the belly button. 

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD,DDS, FACS

What amount of stretch marks can be eliminated with tummy tuck

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Your pre-op photo shows stretch marks going well past your belly button up to your upper abdominal area.  In most full tummy tucks all of the skin from belly button to the groin is excised in a large ellipse.  Any stretch marks above the belly button will be pulled down but never completely eliminated.  It is not possible in your case to eliminate all your stretch marks.  If you try to pull all of the skin down the incision would either be way too tight or you would have to be in a flexed position for months.  Understanding the limitations of tummy tuck surgery is important in the happiness in your result.  I think your surgeon did a fine job of eliminating most of your stretch marks.   

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck after full tummy tuck: Is it possible?

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WOW! LESS THAN 24 hours and you already are complaining... Allow 4 months healing before asking for additional surgery... 

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