I Am Schedule to Have a Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift. Doc Says I May End Up Having a T Scar After? (photo)

My doctor is not sure but told me that I may end up having a T scar after the full tummy tuck due to not having a enough skin to pull it through. I am very concern. Is there any way somebody can tell me based on my picture if I would end up having the T section for tummy tuck or it is completely unknown until I am under the procedure. I just don’t want to have a surprise. Would really appreciate any help and advice. I am 36 year old, 124lb and overall in a very good health.

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Possible T scar

A small T scar is a possibility in your case due to your belly button being higher on your abdomen.  Your surgeon is trying to be open with you and let you know what you may expect to see after surgery.

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Inverted T incision after Tummy Tuck

    Your belly button is high, and your plastic surgeon is obligated to tell you that the belly button may not be removed - leaving a small vertical scar where it used to lie on the skin.

Unlikely but if present it would be very small and near your pubic bone


Thank your for the question and the photos.  There is a possibilty that your current belly button location may not be able to be excised because of insufficient laxity but this is not likely the case.  If this occurs the circular defect of the skin where your current belly button is located will be closed as a vertical incision and it will be located near your pubic bone.  Regardless, if planned and executed properly you should have a very nice result.  I would recommend liposuction of the abdomen as well as abdominal wall tightening.  Please note that some plastic surgeons do not agree on the liposuction part in terms of safety but I have found this to be a safe and powerfully rewarding part of the tummy tuck result.

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T Scar After TT

A small vertical incision can be needed in TT if the skin from the lower part of the breast bone to the navel does not have enough laxity to reach down to the main incision, In that setting, the hole from the navel must be closed, since it will not be removed as part of the excess. 

It is possible to avoid this by making the main scar higher, but to me that makes no sense, because the entire scar is now higher. Often the vertical part can be excised a year later as a minor touch up procedure once the TT is healed and the skin relaxes a bit. 

I can't tell one way or the other based upon the photos. They do not tell me how stretchable the skin is.

Thanks, best wishes.

"T" scars for tummy tuck

the "T" scar is the small scar that rises up from the horizontal tummy tuck scar.  You get it when there is not enough loose skin above the belly button to allow the skin around the belly button to be completely removed. It usually heals very well and is not usually very long. Sometimes the surgeon can't tell 100% before surgery. Sounds like your surgeon is being honest with you. Good luck.

Tummy tuck with "T" scar

If you had  a "T" scar it would most likely be a small vertical incision but you should clarify that with  your PS.  The vertical incision is from closure of your old belly button and usually heals very well.  Better to have that short vertical scar than to pull up your pubic hair with excessive tension or have a high transverse scar.

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T scar after tummy tuck

A t shaped scar is a rare situation after a tummy tuck. There are two groups of patients who will tend to have this. The first is a patient who is relatively skinny and doesn't have enough skin stretch to perform a full tummy tuck. The second group are patients that have a very high riding belly button. I think that this is what your surgeon is concerned about in your case. Judging from your pictures, I think it is unlikely that you will need this because you appear to have a fair amount of extra skin. While it is unlikely, you need to be prepared for this. If a short vertical scar is something that you absolutely do not want, then I would not recommend this surgery for you. Good luck in making your decision.

T scar after tummy tuck

Based on your photos, I have not had to use the T scar tummy tuck in your kind of situation as you have enough loose skin to perform a tummy tuck with a horizontal scar.  Some patients with a high belly button may have a short scar from the hole that is created from the incision around the belly button and perhaps this is what your surgeon is considering.  However, based on your photos alone, I feel that this would not be necessary.  It is very difficult to ascertain your situations through these photographs alone.  If you are still concerned, I would seek a second opinion with a board-certified plastic surgeon before proceeding with your surgery.



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Vertical Scar after Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the question and pictures. It sounds like your plastic surgeon is preparing you well for what to expect after the tummy tuck procedure.

 Patients who are undergoing tummy tuck surgery and have specific anatomic characteristics are more likely to end up with a short vertical  scar at the midline of the transverse scar. These patients tend to have a relatively “high riding umbilicus” in relation to their torso and their planned tummy tuck incision line.

 The vertical scar results from closure of the current  bellybutton site.

 Of course, the alternative is to plan the tummy tuck transverse incision higher on the torso.

 I hope this helps.

I Am Schedule to Have a Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift. Doc Says I May End Up Having a T Scar After? (photo)

Based upon your posted photos the vertical component of the scar/incision is related to the following factors. The placement of the horizontal incision. In other words the lower this incision the more likely the vertical incision will be needed. Next the anatomic nature of your abdomen depicts a "longer" distance from the pubic hairline to the bb. Thus there may not be enough excess skin for removal to avoid the vertical incision. Finally the expectation you desire can also end with this incision. Hope this helps. Regards 

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