I have been w loose stool and scared its perm ?Is this common or normal?

I had surgery 5 days ago. I have very loose stool aND unable to get rid of it. Is this a permanent issue or is this because liquids in liquids out? I also deal with an anxiety disorder that is going through the roof because I am scared.

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No probably not permanent

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You didn't eat or drink after midnight the night before the sleeve gastrectomy.  For the past 5 days, you have probably been drinking mostly liquids.  Your stool is loose now since you've been drinking mostly liquids.  Once your diet increases, and you are back to eating more solid food, then the stool should become more formed.  Since you will eat less food because of the sleeve gastrectomy, you may have stool less often, and the stool may be more soft or loose than it was before surgery.  As you eat more food, the stool should become more solid over the next 1-2 months.  If it is a problem after that, let your surgeon know, and he or she can consider prescribing a medication to make the stool more formed.

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