I'd like hair reduction, not removal. Is it possible?

I don't want complete hair removal - but I want hair reduction/thinning in abdomen and chest area. I have brown skin (not very dark) and black hair. How many treatments do I need ?

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Hair Removal Is Not Permanent

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Laser hair removal is a process that takes time because the hair grows in cycles.  It can take 6 or more sessions to get 80% reduction in growth.You will not have 100% hair reduction, but you should see a significant improvement and any hairs that you have remaining should be noticeably thinner. . For laser hair removal to be effective, hair has to be dark in nature.  Blonde hair, red hair, white hair and grey haired clients are not amenable to treatments. Some hair could be resistant to the laser treatment or grow again after treatment. However it is not possible to remove all the hair. 

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