Chin implant (submental) - experiencing jaw line pain, numbness, swelling, when will this subside?

2 weeks ago I had Rhino-septoplasty w/a sub-mental chin implant. I am happy w/rhinoplasty & chin implant (smallest one put in). Went back to work 2 days ago &noticed throughout the day my entire jaw aches. lower lip extending to the implant is completely numb (though I feel pins/needles). There is swelling and by days end, left side of my mouth becomes swollen and my teeth ache. I am a little worried numbness/ pain will persist for a long time. When can realistically expect this to subside?

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Post -surgical pain and swelling

New onset post-surgical pain and swelling indicates that there may be an infection or it is possible that the chin implant has migrated. The symptoms that you describe are normal immediately following the surgery, but if they are just beginning then it is extremely important to return to your surgeon for follow-up. Best of luck to you!

Ventura Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Post-operative pain

I would definitely tell you to follow up with your surgeon if you have questions or concerns. Pain/pins/needles is typically normal 2 weeks post-op, but everyone is different. Please follow the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes!

Michael R. Whetstone, MD
Irving Plastic Surgeon
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