Can You Take Accutane Months After Laser and Surgical Procedures?

Had dermabrasion last September for acne scars. Worst idea ever , and had surgical excision to remove skin grafts in November. Skin is still red/pink on parts of the face from the laser, and my surgical scars which are red and indented are still maturing. I'm also breaking out and no topicals work for my acne. Is it ok to go on accutane now? Because my breakouts are causing further scaring, and will accutane prolonged my redness and maturing of the excision scars?

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Taking Accutane after surgical procedures

I'm sorry. That sounds like a lot happened to you. You can take Accutane at this point, sure - I'd recommend a low dosage. Seek a board-certified dermatologist who prescribes Accutane to help you.

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