2wks post w/ silicone. I slipped on ice earlier, chest took most of the impact. Chance of rupture and/or popped capsule? (Photo)

I have already contacted my dr, I just want some addl input. Long story short, I have: NO sign of bruising/hematoma/bleeding, incisions are fine, slight dull pain/pressure in L breast-the one that took the brunt of the fall. Both breasts are very soft still. What are the chances I ruptured my implant/s? OR did I pop the capsule & what are the signs that this has happened/what do I need to worry about in either case? I am only 2 wks post op w/smooth round silicone. Should I get an MRI/ultrasound?

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Concerned about implants after injury

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Hello, implants are very durable and difficult to rupture.  It is not possible to give further input in your situation but fortunately you have already contacted your physician for advice.  They are the best source of information since they know your appearance both before surgery and before the injury.

Breast Implant

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Thank you for your question.
Based on your photos there is no change in size or shape. Since you have spoken to your surgeon and he/she is not worried you should try not be either. If you experience any changes or you are still concerned, contact your surgeon for an examination. Best of luck.

Breast injury

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From the photos and your story, to be very rare for a fall like that to break a breast implant especially when the capsule is so immature. If the capsule were to tear this early in the game it probably wouldn't do anything anyway. A simple in office ultrasound that we use in our office to discern whether or not implants are intact is all that is needed. Good luck. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Trauma to breasts

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Being 2 weeks postop, you probably do not have a well-formed capsule that would have been ruptured.  Also with the symptoms you describe there is no evidence of hematoma or seroma.  You most likely did not rupture your implant and I would recommend expectant management.  If you feel problem over the next few months, I would recommend going back to your doctor and he can reexamine you and possibly order a mammogram or MRI to rule out rupture.

Harry Marshak, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Breast injury

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Thank you for your question and photos. Good that you have contacted your Doctor already. If you relayed what you are feeling and they are not concerned then try not to worry and follow up with them if you note any changes. It would be quite unlikely to rupture an implant through a fall like you described, but damaging the pocket at this point post op is possible and now you will want to rest, be sure to wear proper support bra, watch for signs of swelling/firmness/bruising which could indicate bleeding inside. Most likely you will be a little sore for a few days with no further problems. Ultrasound or MRI imaging is always an option down the road if you feel that something is wrong.

All the best

Possible implant rupture after a fall

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Thanks for your question and photos.
Based on your before and after "fall" photos, I agree that there is not a significant change.
Implants are sturdy and well-made.  The chance for implant rupture is very low.  However, with a cohesive gel implants, even with a rupture, you may not see a visible change.  If you are worried, you can get a MRI for a reassurance.  Please talk with your plastic surgeon for his/her guidance.  
Best regards.

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