I'm 11days Post Op for Septo & Rhinoplasty and 2 Days Ago Noticed a Dent on the Bridge. Is the Dent Normal? (photo)

Will It Go Away? I'm trying not to freak out and I'm scheduling an appt with my surgeon but still wanted to know why this could have happenend? Will it go away? Please help.

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Dent on bridge after sept-rhinoplasty

At this point it is very early and this may be due to swelling or may not.  Time will tell.  If it is a slight bump this may be a quick and easy thing to treat once everything has healed.

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Swelling on nasal bridge 2 weeks after rhinplasty

  1. The swelling on your nose after your rhinoplasty is where the bone and cartilage meet.
  2. Swelling is common here after rhinoplasty.
  3. It will usually subside in 6 - 12 months.
  4. . I recommend taping the bridge of the nose for 6 weeks after rhinoplasty - at least at night to lessen swelling. Ask your surgeon is this is ok for you.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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