Is this caused by injuries to the nose? How can I fix this? (photos)

I'm a 15 year old male and I used you take taekwondo. I am wondering if this was caused by injuries to the nose because I was kicked in the nose really hard and was bleeding for 30 min. As you can see from the pictures I have a bump on my bridge and my nose seems crooked and it looks even more crooked when I smile. How can I fix this so that I don't have a bump and a crooked nose? And how can I make the tip of my nose not droopy?

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Rhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose caused by trauma, etc.

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Rhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose caused by trauma, etc. will give u a straight nose and the droopy tip can be projected while straightening the nose. The bump can be removed as well. See a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for this.

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How can I fix this?

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Dear jzdragon69

From the pictures, it appears that you have fractured your nose. Depending on what is the status of your septum on the inside, your surgery can be done soon or can wait till you are older. You need to discuss this matter with your parents and together go for a consultation to get a full exam and helpful information.

Broken nose

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It does appear that your nose has been fractured in the past.  You could have rhinoplasty to straighten the crooked nose.  I think you are a good candidate, but you will need parental consent because of your age.

Is this caused by injuries to the nose? How can I fix this?

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If you finished growth, you could consider intervention.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Deviated Nose Secondary to Trauma

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Regardless of the cause of your hump, deviation, and tip position all of these problems and probable breathing obstruction can be corrected with a septorhinoplasty procedure. Consult with an experienced rhinoplasty specialist to achieve a natural result with normal function.

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Deviated nose

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Thank you the photos and question and the previous trauma to your nose undoubtedly did contribute to the deviation.  The good news is that all your concerns can be ameliorated with surgery by a nose expert

Dr Corbin

Fractured nose

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Yes, you would benefit from repairing your nose from your previous trauma. The questions you have to ask yourself are: 1) do you want to make a straight smooth profile, or would you like to keep some of the height that you have with the hump and fill in a little of the rhinion. This would involve shaving down the bump and straightening the nasal bones. The last caveat is that you are 15 and may still have a growth spurt left before you achieve your final height and size. I would see your pediatrician to determine whether you are done growing or not. 

Aric K. Park, MD
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Crooked nasal deformity

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Your nose is crooked from traumatic injury. This can be fixed through your insurance. Please make consultation and review patient below who had similar injury.

It looks to me like you have fractured your nose

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After reviewing your pictures it’s clear to see that you have fractured your nose. You will need to have an examination and consultation by a plastic surgeon to determine the condition of your septum, and in addition, as you mention that you are only 15 years old, your parents will have to accompany you and provide consent before you undertake any treatment.
Keep in mind that your face is still changing as you go through puberty, so it may be best to wait until you are a little older before undergoing surgery to alter your nose shape.

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