Can I get a mammogram with breast implants?

Hi, I'm a 29 year old Asian/white female. I do not know my family history since I was orphaned very young and I don't know members of my family on either side. I have breast implants but I want to get a mamogram. I know so many women I grew up with who are in late stages of cancer (breast) at 27-29. I have two kids and I'm scared to get sick and leave them. I check for lumps often but I already gave cystic breast since I was a kid. If I can't do a mamogram how else can i check?

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Can you get a mammogram with breast implants?

You can absolutely get a mammogram with breast implants.  They will do a slightly different technique, but aside from that, mammography won't change much with or without breast implants.  Best of luck!

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Can I get a mammogram with breast implants?

Yes you certainly can have mammograms even if you have breast implants.  It is important to have your mammograms done at a hospital or screening center that is familiar with patients who have breast implants.   It is also important to see your primary care physician for a breast examination.

Can I get a mammogram with breast implants?

Hello and thanks for your question. Having breast implants does not preclude you from getting a mammogram. There is a small amount of deeper tissue that may not be totally visualized, but extra views at the time of the study can maximize the visibility. Best wishes.

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