1 year post op, failed areola reduction. Disfigured and self esteem issues now? (Photos)

It's been one year since my areola reduction and seceralllllll months since my last post about my healing. My scars never healed right, they are jagged, Nasty and raised and stretched out. My areolas were better before. I've seen women with EX large implants get an areola reduction with zero issues, so why not me? I don't smoke, nor have other soon issues. I have 860 cc's but they were in years before my areola reduction .( The line is from my bra)

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It is a matter of tension

Your breasts have a lot of stretching and tension placed on the skin by the huge implants. The skin is thin and can't hold back from being stretched out over time. Only downsizing the implants to where the skin is looser and revising the areola will help, but you probably don't want to do that. Only last thing to check was whether the surgeon used a permanent suture in the outer circle to try to control the spreading.

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