Can Artefill be used for the feet? (Photo)

We have seen fillers be used for "pain free high heels" for women using restylane/juvederm. My question is what about a permanent filler eg artefill? I had artefill in my nose & it is great. my reason for wanting this is different. My main reason is I have very rigid flat feet that are ugly and this would help cosmetically. The other reason is, If injected in the heel+balls of feet. I would see a small height increase also. What do you experts think?

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Artefill for the feet

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Although I agree with you that artefill is great to contour the nose and rejuvenate the face, I think on the feet can be troublesome and could be expensive. I will suggest that you try fat grafting instead. You can contour your feet, your calf. etc.  Consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and I am sure they will help you to solve your concern. 

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