Any suggestions for my under eye?

I had done filler on my check, check bone, chin and my lip. I asked doctor and nurse about my under eye bug. But they don't recommend about filler for my under eyes. They said looks more bad, my eyes are will be looks small. Too much risk for under eye filler ?

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Under eye bags

Fillers in the tear troughs or under the eyes is a very nice procedure for some people, but can be problematic for others. If your physician feels it would not be a benefit to you, I would not pressure him to do the procedure. Since you do not have a picture here it is difficult to give you a better idea of what might be some of your options.

San Jose Physician
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Under Eye Fillers

Thank you for your question! Under-eye fillers are one of the more difficult procedures to perform with fillers. It is important that you see someone with experience in this area. Often patients are not good candidates for fillers for the exact reasons you mentioned. Often patients need surgical blepharoplasty and a filler will not be sufficient.

Anthony J. Wilson, MD
Portsmouth Physician
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