Trouble moving eye inwards/up 1 yr after Asian bleph. Heavy weight pushing down eye. Skin increasingly sagging recently. 19 y/o

bleph+PtosisCorr 1 yr ago.Thought swelling was over but skin increasingly sagging especially over inner corner in past few weeks.Trouble moving eye inwards/up,feels like heavy weight/skin blocking it,cannot move eye all the way to left w/o feeling pressure/pushedBack,sometimes popping sound occurs when I move eye.When looking up,brow pushes up too.OnlyFeelReliefWhen I lift brow up w/finger but afraid this adds to sagging.really affecting my mental health.Brow ptosis?What do I do?+details in pics

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I personally believe that you will not find the answer you are looking for.

There is simply very little understanding by surgeon of how eyelids feel after surgery and what it means.  Clearly you are bothered by what is going on.  You have waited a full year after surgery.  It has been my experiences that scar tissue in the eyelid is the basis for these symptoms. I seriously doubt that a brow lift will provide relief of your symptoms.  My point is that fixing this is very likely to create its own problems. I do understand the concern about the fall in the eyebrow position. Be careful out there.

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