Is Syneron Safe? Is It Possible That the Setting Used for Me Was Too Strong?

My second appt w/IPL resulted in grooves around my eyes, one month following it. Is it possible she used too strong a setting for me?? Why do all the doctors respond that it's not possible to degrade fat with ipl when there are many anecdotal stories reporting the exact same result?? How about collagen degradation? Is it possible IPL caused this and this is why the grooves are there? I just want to get to the bottom of this. Thanks

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Grooves around eyes from IPL

Did you only have IPL? IPL is a light that doesn't have an ability to affect collagen or fat. It's only a treatment for discoloration and pigment. Syneron technology has radio frequency with the IPL. This allows the IPL to penetrate deeper, for tougher pigment. Is the technology safe? Absolutely - when it's done by safe and certified technicians. Radio frequency can affect fat and collagen, but the setting on the Syneron system with the IPL head only goes to 25 joules. This isn't that strong. For RF treatments to actually affect fat and collagen, the settings are usually much higher - into the 50s+ and the head you are taking about simply doesn't go above 25 joules.

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