Need a surgeon to remove 304cc silicone gel implants via armpit incision w/ fat transfer. Should I do both in the same surgery?

Having trouble finding a surgeon who will remove through armpit. Silicone implant removal via transaxillary route Fat transfer - micro fat grafting using a needle, not the lipo machine. Interested in docs who use stem cells with the transfer. Want to do the procedure the best way possible to ensure the best possible fat survival. Would like to find a surgeon who can do both procedures through transxillary route, with the exception of the fat transfer incisions I know I can't avoid.

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This is possible

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It is absolutely possible to go back through same axillary incision to remove your implants. Performing fat grafting at the same time is also very possible(and yes you will ned some other small incisions to inject the fat), depending on the pocket location and how much breast tissue you have this could be a little tricky. As for micro-fat vs lipo machine, there are many theories as to what is the best/most efficacious way to transfer fat, and we do not know which way is best. As for stem cells, the fat that would be transferred has stem cells in it and that is likely what you are referring to, most surgeons do not add anything extra to the fat prior to transfer.

Wrong approach to problem

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You are having trouble finding someone to do something, because that is not the way it is done.  Instead of deciding how the surgeon should their job, you should pick a surgeon and let them work.

Implant Removal

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I doubt you'll find a surgeon who will do that as it is nearly impossible to do without a high risk of rupturing the implant.  The best fat transfer might get you about one half bra cup size increase long term but is very unpredictable as to how much fat will survive. There is no scientific indication that the stem cells have clinical Application at this point and it would probably cost you a significant amount of money for something that has no efficacy.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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